Jumat, 21 Februari 2014

Care tips for sensitive skin: How to moisturize your skin

Hi guys, I'm going to share my experience with my troublesome skin (a very very dry skin). I haven't found the right face wash yet as all of the face wash that I tried had dried my skin. But now, I have found my solution to this "ERRGHH" skin. *MUAHAHAHA

1. If you wear make up, please remove it with a make up remover.
2. Take a facial cotton, and put some toner on it. I use HadaLabo Ultimate Whitening Lotion. It's written "lotion" but actually it's a toner. I really love this product because they used natural materials and they're fragrance and colorant free! Don't worry, your face will be clean without any facewash.

3. Clean your face with the facial cotton that has the toner in it.
4. Spray the whole face with Thermal Spring Water. I used La Roche-Posay because it has the one with sensitive skin. Wait until it absorbs into your skin and dry.

5. Apply whitening milk to your skin. (Area that needs attention are cheek, eyelid and forehead)

Ta-Da! It's done :)
For a good result, apply this method every night before you sleep and after you wake up.
Enjoy the results!

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